Tuesday, January 22, 2008

New college screening of 'How Do I Look' to coincide with Black History Month

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In February 2008, the documentary How Do I LookHow Do I Look will be screened at Ithaca College in New York during Black History Month.

How Do I Look is a showcase of the artistic contributions made by the African-Americans and Hispanics of the Harlem Ball community in the areas of dance, fashion, runway, and performance. By having selected How Do I Look for an on-campus screening, Ithaca College joins other universities which have screened this documentary as part of their arts-in-education programming.

Ithaca College's Spring Film Series

Tuesday, February 19, Textor 102, 7pm
How Do I Look

The follow-up film to the acclaimed Paris is Burning about New York's African-American, Latino, and transgender drag Ball community returns for an updated look at familiar faces, new performers, and the inheritors of the Houses that continue to help shape this art form. The film is an uplifting and life-affirming celebration of a NYC artistic tradition.

For a listing of other films to be screened at Ithaca College, please visit their Spring Film Series page on their website. For more information, call Ithaca College at: (607) 274-7394. This screening of How Do I Look is open to the public.

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